Founder’s Story
By Parul & Nathaniel Goetz

“Holding my son Noah for the first time was a healing experience. It eased the pain and heartache so that I could feel sheer joy and love. I want others who have battled infertility to have that opportunity.”
Parul Goetz, Co-Founder
Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation

After an exhaustive five-year struggle with infertility, we finally recognized the need to heal and reevaluate our plans for building a family. Our time spent in the world of infertility was a debilitating vacuum of isolation with little promise of success. It was only after gaining the courage to step away from that place that we were able to consider all of our options, something that we hadn’t wanted to do before. Not long after, we chose domestic adoption and set about learning all we could.

Entering the world of adoption was intimidating. We didn’t know anyone who had gone through it and had many assumptions about what adoption was. In negotiating the learning curve, we realized the ability to distinguish good information from bad is paramount to a successful and ethical adoption. The month spent out of state during our son’s adoption was poignant, teaching us the lesson that adoption is difficult because it starts at a place of love and loss.

These lessons had a profound impact, shaping our desire to give back to others who were seeking clarity in the way we had. Choosing to focus efforts in our home state, we realized that there was no existing nonprofit resource in North Carolina providing independent, one-on-one training about the domestic adoption process and financial support specifically for those who had been treated for infertility. We felt that our efforts should actively help fill this gap.

Named in honor of our son, Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation was established with the mission to help those experiencing infertility make the dream of parenthood a reality through education about the domestic adoption process and the provision of grant funding. Through its education and grant programs, the Foundation empowers clients in their decision-making process, opening up perceived barriers to moving forward with adoption.