NZMG Foundation grantees Alyson Hyman and Amy Entwistle with their son, Silas.

A growing need

In the United States, the disease of infertility is on the rise. 1 in 6 families will be diagnosed at some point during their childbearing years. Although insurance can help defray some of the cost, procedures remain expensive. For those whose infertility treatment is not successful, the decision to choose domestic adoption as the way to build their family is not easy after enduring an exhaustive emotional and financial journey. Indeed, it is nationally recognized that 75% of the families that begin the adoption process get discouraged by the lack of emotional and financial support.

Until the establishment of Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation in 2011, there was no existing nonprofit resource in North Carolina providing independent, one-on-one training about the domestic adoption process and financial support specifically for those who have been treated for infertility.

Meeting the need

Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation operates an education and grant program, both of which focus solely upon the bridge between our client’s decision to end infertility treatment and to subsequently undertake and successfully complete the domestic adoption process.

Achieving results

As of May 2016, the Foundation’s programs have achieved the following results:

  • 17 families that had previously battled infertility have successfully completed the adoption of their child; and,
  • 12 families are currently active with adoption service providers and are waiting to be matched.

The Foundation achieved these results by:

  • Administering our education module, Domestic Adoption 101, to 77 families so they may learn initial information about the domestic adoption process to determine if they wish to pursue adoption as the way to build their family;
  • Administering our education module, Domestic Adoption 102, to 28 families so they may learn how to successfully navigate the domestic adoption process and realize their dream of parenthood;
  • Awarding 13 grants, easing the burden of the recipients’ adoption-related expenses and bringing them added peace of mind during their domestic adoption process; and,
  • Serving as a trusted continuum of care for 53 patients referred to us by our Clinical Partners.

Updated May 19, 2016