“Pressly is our world and we will always and forever be appreciative of Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation for educating us on the adoption process, the confidence to move forward and follow our dream of having a family, and the grant to help us fund our adoption.”
Macy and Jonathan
Education Participants & Grant Recipients

Established as a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation in 2011, the mission of Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation is to help North Carolinians experiencing infertility make the dream of parenthood a reality through education about the domestic adoption process and the provision of grant funding.

To date, Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation has helped educate, guide, and support over 100 families across North Carolina. Our impact has been featured in Adoption Today magazine and highlighted by the National Council for Adoption as a “life-changing program for children and families.”

Education Programs
Our education programs provide participants with up to date and relevant domestic adoption information so they may make an informed decision about pursuing adoption as a way to build their family. For those choosing adoption, they provide the details and strategy families need to know to adopt quickly and cost-effectively.

Since 2011, 118 North Carolina families have participated in our education programs:

  • 26 families decided to pursue domestic adoption.
  • 21 families have successfully completed the adoption of their child.
  • 5 families are currently active with adoption service providers and are waiting to be matched.

Grant Programs
Our grant program provides financial support to recipients who have previously been treated for infertility and are currently underway in the domestic adoption process. The purpose of a grant is to help ease the financial burden that accompanies adoption. In 2016, we increased the size of our grant awards from $1,000 to $2,500.

  • Since 2011, 14 families have been awarded a grant.

In 2014, the Clinical Partner Education Grant Program was established to allow our partner fertility clinics Atlantic Reproductive Medicine Specialists, Carolina Conceptions, and Duke Fertility Center to select annually a family who could benefit from the Foundation’s education programs but because of financial hardship may not be able to do so right away.

  • Since 2014, 4 families have been awarded a Clinical Partner Education Grant.

Updated January 11, 2017