From Our Clients…

“Pressly is our world and we will always and forever be appreciative of Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation for educating us on the adoption process, the confidence to move forward and follow our dream of having a family, and the grant to help us fund our adoption.”
-Macy & Jonathan, Cary, NC



“Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation provided us with a great resource and gave us the information and courage to go through all of the steps throughout the adoption process. They also connected us with a wonderful network of other families who have faced the same issues as us.”
-Molly & Patrick, Durham, NC
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“We really, honestly, credit the Education Program with how fast we moved through the process once we decided that we were going to adopt. It allowed us to focus our research and make decisions much faster than we otherwise would have been able to.”
-Rachel & Jim, Fayetteville, NC 
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“We are tremendously grateful for the support we received through the Education Program. It is a remarkable resource for information and emotional support, and it broke down the adoption process into steps we could easily follow. We strongly encourage anyone considering adoption to contact the Foundation!”
-Holly & Clark, Hillsborough, NC 
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“Once we participated in the Education Program, we knew exactly where to start! Throughout the process, the Foundation checked in to see how things were going and if they could offer further support. This meant so much to us!”
-Tami & Ian, Fuquay-Varina, NC 
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“Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation helped in a major way to make our dream of being parents a reality and we are so grateful!”
-Leslie & Rob, Louisburg, NC 
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Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation’s work supporting adoptive families is crucial for couples like us who have emerged from the emotionally and financially draining world of fertility treatments into the beautiful world of domestic adoption.”
-Amy & Alyson, Carrboro, NC
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“We are so grateful for the relationships we have built since working with Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation. We have met so many great people and built a support system that has been wonderful!”
-Caren & Jonathan, Fuquay-Varina, NC 
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From Our Clinical Partners…

“Our fertility patients are often daunted by the prospect of exploring adoption. There are new systems to learn, and new decisions to be made. Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation understands these issues from the inside and treats individuals with great care and respect.”
-Dr. Julia Woodward, Director for the Duke Fertility Center Psychological Services Program

“Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation provides our very deserving patients another avenue for making their families a reality. We fully support the efforts of their wonderful education and grant programs.”
-Dr. Grace Couchman, Co-Founding Physician, Carolina Conceptions

“We are very grateful that Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation is in the community as a valuable resource for our patients!”

-Dr. David Walmer, Founding Physician, Atlantic Reproductive Medicine Specialists

From National Council For Adoption…

“National Council for Adoption has been privileged to work with many great organizations on behalf of children, birth parents, and adoptive families. As part of National Adoption Month [2012], I am pleased to acknowledge the good work of the Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation as they help North Carolina families experiencing infertility realize the dream of parenthood through adoption. The Foundation is making an important and positive difference as they educate about adoption and provide grants to help families with the high cost of adoption.”
-Chuck Johnson, President & CEO, National Council for Adoption