Once we participated in the NZMG Foundation’s Education Program, we knew exactly where to start. Throughout the process, the Foundation checked in to see how things were going and if they could offer further support. This meant so much to us and we were truly blessed to receive a Foundation grant in 2013. It certainly was put to good use as we were out of state for 3 weeks when we adopted our baby girl!” -Tami & Ian Smith, Raleigh. Adopted daughter, Emma, in 2014.


“We are thrilled to have received a grant from the NZMG Foundation, and are also tremendously grateful for the support we received through the Education Program. It is a remarkable resource for information and emotional support, and it broke down the adoption process into steps we could easily follow. We strongly encourage anyone considering adoption to contact the Foundation!” -Holly & Clark Bray, Hillsborough. Adopted daughter, Avery, in 2014.


“We’re so grateful to the NZMG Foundation for awarding us an adoption grant. Their work supporting adoptive families is crucial for couples like us who have emerged from the emotionally and financially draining world of fertility treatments into the beautiful world of domestic open adoption.  We feel strengthened by the community support that this grant represents!” -Amy Entwistle & Alyson Hyman, Carrboro. Adopted son, Silas, in 2013.


The NZMG Foundation truly knows and understands the struggles that families go through with infertility. We definitely recommend them to any family who is trying to adopt, who wants to learn more about the adoption process after facing infertility, and anyone who wants to donate or volunteer!” -Dori & Terrance Wilson, Greensboro. Underway in the adoption process.



“The NZMG Foundation provided us with a great resource and gave us the information and courage to go through all of the steps throughout the adoption process. They also connected us with a wonderful network of other families who have faced the same issues as us.
-Molly & Patrick Fitzsimons, Durham. Underway in the adoption process.